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Immigration Court/Removal (“Deportation”) Defense Services

Immigration Court/Removal (“Deportation”) Defense Services in New Orleans, LA

At Pelton + Balducci, we understand how devastating removal (deportation) can be to immigrants and their families. We work very hard to protect our clients and we have a track record of success in cases involving complicated matters such as criminal convictions and allegations of significant immigration violations, including alien smuggling, marriage fraud, and filing frivolous asylum applications.

Removal (Deportation) Defense

Immigration court can be frightening. The stakes are high, as losing can mean being removed from your family and life in the United States. These cases can be complicated, and the legal landscape has changed significantly in the last year. Data show that having a skilled attorney representing you in removal proceedings significantly increases your chances of success. A 2016 study by the American Immigration Council found that immigrants with attorneys fared better at every stage of removal proceedings. Detained immigrants with lawyers were four times more likely to be released than unrepresented litigants. Among detained immigrants, those with representation were twice as likely as unrepresented immigrants to obtain immigration relief they sought, while non-detained immigrants with lawyers were five times more likely to win their cases than those without lawyers. We know what’s at stake and work hard to protect our clients. As a result, we have prevented deportation/removal and obtained status for many individuals in removal proceedings, including those facing serious allegations.

Types of Defenses

Our team has successfully litigated applications for cancellation of removal, asylum, adjustment of status, and removal of conditions from permanent residence in removal proceedings. We have successfully filed appeals and have been able to secure status for individuals who previously had removal orders. We have also succeeded in reopening cases to rescind final removal orders. We regularly assist individuals in removal proceedings in acquiring status through forms of relief filed with USCIS (e.g., U visas and DACA), which then result in termination of the immigration court proceedings. Finally, we have successfully filed mandamus actions where the government agencies have unduly delayed adjudication of immigration applications.

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Our team is experienced, skilled, and passionate. We believe strongly in our mission of defending immigrants, and we work hard to uphold it. We know what’s at stake. It would be our privilege to serve you and to protect the life you have built here in the U.S.

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