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Bilingual Immigration Attorneys in New Orleans, LA

The United States of America. It’s more than just a country. It’s an idea—a dream that has inspired people around the world. And the immigration attorneys at Pelton + Balducci work every day to help immigrants navigate the legal system and overcome obstacles in the immigration process so they can make their own American Dream a reality.

Pursuing the American Dream

Throughout our nation’s history, immigrants have come to the United States seeking to make their dreams a reality. Dreams of opportunity and of a better future. Dreams of being reunited with their families. Dreams of the freedom to live in harmony with one’s beliefs and values without the fear of persecution. Immigrants, in turn, have enriched the United States with their dynamism, ingenuity, and cultures.

Unique Challenges of Immigration Law

At Pelton + Balducci, we believe in the American Dream, and we believe that it is not possible without immigrants. At the same time, we know that the process of immigrating to the U.S. can be lengthy, difficult, and confusing. We also understand that our clients and their families have a lot at stake in the successful outcome of their cases. Immigration is a complicated field of law where mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. Bad advice could leave you or a family member permanently stranded outside the United States. A mistake in immigration court could result in deportation, even though some form of defense to removal may have been available. Even minor errors on immigration forms can result in loss of status and a costly loss of time.

About Pelton + Balducci

Our attorneys have decades of experience successfully navigating the immigration system, including USCIS, the immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the federal courts. We are a mission-driven team handling all types of immigration law cases. We vigorously advocate for our clients while committing to treat them with honesty, respect, and professionalism. Our team works hard to give our clients peace of mind as we guide them closer to their American Dream. As our client, we will work closely and communicate openly with you through every step of your case.

Our attorneys have backgrounds in everything from government to non-profit, which allows us to bring unique insight to our cases, including a government adjudications perspective on immigration matters. We are an active partner in the local community, and work in conjunction with Tulane University’s TULAP program to provide legal advice and representation to current university students, staff, and faculty. Our entire team is fluent in Spanish and we welcome clients from all backgrounds.

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